I have taken part in many photo meetings, about 50 group exhibitions and 15 individual exhibitions in Poland and in Sweden. I have been awarded several times in photo competitions, e.g. I got the first prize in International Photo Competition JAZZ PHOTO ’87.

I have been photographing since 1977, mainly landscape, portrait, reportage, jazz.

I’m a 1st category teacher of photography in Poland. I have lived in Sweden since 1997.

I work for PoloniaInfo.se, Polish Institute and Polish Embassy. I perceive the world through the camera. It helps to keep me distance to reality. The lens is like the windowpane

which protects and gives possibilities to show the reality as I want. As a photographer, I like to watch, spy rather than to be on the offensive, or to provoke an event, I like to be aside and take photos. I’m the photographer who decides what, when and why is photographing. Photography for me means to seize the ephemeral moment, the one which has been

or the one which will be and has not happened yet. I take photos of everything that

is beautiful, inspiring, that develops and brings satisfaction. I photograph because I need

to, it is inside me. It is my love, it is like addiction. I notice “beautiful moments” both in life and in photography.